Safety is all about people - not just process. Let us bring some life to your project with a fresh approach.


The most outstanding results come from performance-based solutions that are innovative, fresh and challenge the status quo. Each person in our team brings their unique perspective, experience and skills to create a customised performance solution that's right for you.


Since compliance isn’t always black and white, we like to add a little colour.



We’re changing consultancy – one Rubik’s cube at a time.

Our team love every detail of their work and are always open to new ideas. With experience in the application of the latest technologies, they can create performance-based solutions that are efficient and flexible. 

It’s all about communication, people!

If you love proactive people, you’ll love working with us. From project inception through to completion, we’ll consider all possible options to create the most flexible and cost-effective solution for your project. As part of the wider design team (from the building services engineers to project managers, architects and clients), we cover all bases and all possibilities.

We love to stand out from the crowd.

Yes, we look different, sound different and we have a slightly unconventional way of doing things. But we also know that imagination paves the way for the future. That’s why our people are always open to new ideas and want to tackle the most challenging projects with flair.


Make your way.