1 small detail that could ruin your trip.

We’ve given some tips on travelling safely throughout the week. Now we’re going to talk about one small detail that can be easily overlooked that could prevent us from travelling altogether.

Your passport’s expiration date.

Before locking in any travel dates have a look at your passport expiration date. Countries like Germany do not allow you to travel there if your passport is set to expire three to six months before your departure date. Other countries won’t let you in if your passport expires three to six months after your scheduled date to return from that country.

This is especially important if your trip involves visiting more than one country. Be aware of all the countries you are visiting their entry and exit requirements. Otherwise you may not be able to board your final flight home because you are denied entry to the country.

If you’re a frequent traveller also keep in mind that some countries require you to have two to four blank visa stamp pages in your passport.

Of course, you can have your passport renewed before your trip with an expedited processing time, but it will cost you more to have it rushed to you. And then you will need to worry about receiving it before you depart. All this could be avoided if you just check that one small detail on your passport.