Al-Wakrah Stadium


The new Al-Wakrah Stadium in Qatar is a new stadium to be developed in the heart of Al Wakrah.  The stadium is designed to have up to 40,000 seating in time to accommodate the World Cup event in Qatar for 2022.  Following that, the Al Wakrah Stadium’s modular, 20,000-seat upper tier will be disassembled and distributed to developing nations that lack sporting infrastructure.  The remaining 20,000-seat stadium will become the new home of Al Wakrah Sports Club.

How we did it differently

  • To ensure the temperature within the stadium remains comfortable during a game, a combination of passive design techniques, innovative shading technologies and airflow delivery systems will be used. 
  • This innovative design technique has an impact on the effect of smoke and heat in the event of a fire and therefore advanced computer models are needed to verify the conditions in the stadium in the event of a fire.
  • The engineers at PBC have been involved in providing peer reviewing services specifically on the numerous Computational Fluid Dynamics (fire and smoke) studies to be carried out for the stadium in order to test the flexibility and the fire safety design of the stadium in the event of a fire.