Our Services

Every project is different, so we never assume that what has worked before will work for you. From fire safety to amenities, we've got a solution to cater to every situation. We'll approach your build with fresh eyes and give you a tailored service that ensures you get the best outcome for you needs.

Here's how we can do it differently for you.

Fire Safety Engineering.png

Fire Safety Engineering

Innovation and compliance

We dot your ‘I’s and cross your ‘t’s when it comes to your fire safety engineering. Our fresh thinking consultants will liaise with you from the outset, understanding your design goals and ensuring that these can be accomplished in a safe and compliant fashion.


BCA Consulting

Correct compliance is in the details

We believe that pro-active and focused consultants are the key to ensuring that every clause is covered when it comes to your project’s compliance. That’s why we make sure that the entire team is in the loop, every decision is documented and every clause is accounted for.

Cladding and Facade Investigation

Combat the combustible

Received an intention notice or proposed fire safety order for your building? We’re your people! We have a team of cladding specialists that will undertake a facade assessment. These can also be collated as a part of an insurance risk evaluation.

Section J.png

Section J Assessment

Tick the box

Our consultants can provide full section J assessments, ensuring your building has achieved the minimum energy efficiency levels.

Pedestrian Modelling.png

Pedestrian Modelling

Keeping you moving

Crowd flow is a design and safety issue. Our consultants will work with you to minimise the congestion and maximise the use of space in your design. Keeping everyone safe and moving.

Air Movement.png

Air Movement Modelling

Breathe easy

Even the air we breathe can be a safety concern. We work to make sure health and safety standards are being met, so everyone can breathe a little easier.


Ammenity + Safety.png

Amenity and Safety

Design with comfort

Understanding the needs of building users is our specialty. So when it comes to ensuring that your design is safe, compliant and comfortable, we’ve got the know-how.