All stations to education

A cost-saver? A science? A design-enabler? A lifesaver? Yep, Fire Engineering can do it all!

Here at PBC we believe that fire engineering is a core part of a safe and influential design. But sometimes it gets a bad name - making a mess of the design or the project timeline. It doesn’t have to. Aside from saving lives, Fire Engineering can give you ENDLESS design options and cut costs - but only if you do it the right way.

Our team are dedicated to not only creating the best safety solutions in the biz. They’re passionate about fire engineering and how it fits into the construction process. And they’re here to help you take advantage of everything Fire Engineering has to offer. Here’s a few ways that we can help.

Lunch and Learn sessions

Have one of our experts visit your team and run you through a crash-course in Fire Engineering. In this session you and your team will learn:

  • Basics of building compliance

  • Core principles of Fire Engineering

  • How the Fire Brigade can effect your project timeline

  • How Fire Engineers ‘fit-in’ to the current building process

  • How Fire Engineers can save you money (and make the whole compliance process smoother)

V.I.D = Very Important Downloads

What is the FEBQ process? How long does it actually take for FRNSW to get back to us? What is the PM responsible for? What is the Fire Engineer responsible for? Download our Fire Engineering timeline to get the short and skinny.


Fire Engineers can assist with more than just the FER. Find out where they fit into the ‘normal’ project flow, and how you should be working with your Fire Engineer for a smoother design, compliance and construction process.