Rail Safety Week

Safety WK3-05.png

This week marks Rail Safety Week, an initiative to ensure commuters are aware of their surroundings and stay safe around the rail network.

But what about safety in design? Performance Based Consulting has recently been engaged with two major rail projects to help provide functional and safe stations for Sydney commuters. We made sure the stations would be dependable in a fire emergency situation, and that appropriate fire safety measures were installed to allow safe occupant evacuation, and to facilitate fire fighting capabilities.

By applying fire engineering principles to rail networks, we are able to ensure safety during evacuation. We look at things like distances to exits, widths of stairs, and evacuation times to make sure stations are as safe as can be. We make sure they are kitted out with extinguishers to allow first response fire fighting.

PBC exists to create safe spaces and change the way we build. Contact us to chat about how we can help you with your upcoming project.