PBC welcomes third C10 Certifier.

Welcome to Kevin Boyle.

Last week we gave a warm PBC welcome to our new Principal Fire Safety Engineer, Kevin Boyle.

Hailing from Ireland - Kevin is a C10 certified engineer with nearly a decade of experience here in Australia. He’s worked on a wide range of projects across health, commercial, defence, education and infrastructure, with well-known Aussie companies such as Qantas, Bunnings and Australia Post.

Kevin believes that the sky is the limit where design is concerned and strives to maximise the benefits of a performance-based building code. This way, clients can keep their building users safe whilst still achieving their design vision.

“We’re thrilled to have Kevin on board. His passion and enthusiasm for interesting and fun engineering will be a great asset for both our clients, and the junior members of our fire engineering team,” PBC’s director, Will Marshall explained.

You can get in contact with Kevin here.