Welcome Cyndy!

PBC is proud and excited to welcome a new addition to the team this week. Cyndy Reddy is our newest fire safety engineer. With a background in research and development, and a degree in materials engineering, she has a keen interest in finding ways to improve safety outcomes with the latest technologies.

Cyndy’s journey to PBC started a year ago, when she decided that she’d like to move into the building services space. Cyndy ultimately chose PBC because of our fun and innovative culture.

“From my first interview, I realised that PBC had a different mindset. It was such a fun atmosphere. Fire safety is all about protecting people, so what we’re doing is serious, but at PBC it was clear that I’d have the freedom to be creative and work on projects that challenge me, and that felt important,” Cyndy said.

So far, Cyndy is kicking goals in her new position, and our director Will couldn’t be more thrilled with her performance.

“Cyndy stands for everything that we value at PBC. She is constantly looking at things from a different perspective and loves a new challenge. She impressed us from the moment we met her, so I’m excited to have her on board,” Will said.

Cyndy is just one of many new recruits we’re hoping to add to the PBC team in 2018. For more information on our open positions, click here.